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Then, make sure that iTunes'option to share your iTunes library XML with other applications is enabled. To do so: By default, the DJ software generally uses the aud In Preferences Windows: Connect your headphones This preset is enabled by default: You should 1 copy the audio tracks from the USB key to your computer hard drive first, 2 then remove th Contact us for this product.

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Read more Accept. Windows 10 - Windows 7 - Windows 8. Release notes. OSX This allows the DJ to:. View Larger Image.

DDJ-SX2: software & firmware updates

The DJ places his or her hand flat over the infrared beam. The controller calculates the distance between the sensor and the hand, and converts it into a gradual MIDI command.

DJ Control AIR : Tutorial 2 - Audio Setup and General Preferences

Does AIR control require specific light conditions? No, Air control functions under any light conditions.

Firmware Update

The infrared light beam projected towards the hand is invisible. The reflection is the same in both daylight and low light conditions, allowing AIR control to be used during the day, at night or in places with weak lighting. AIR control functions with all flesh tones.

The only incompatibility is the use of black gloves as the infrared sensor would not be able to detect the reflection. The DJ taps on the pads with his or her fingertips to send commands such as looping, sampler or effects. The pads light up when touched.