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Windows 10 is not supported.

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Products Media Support Upgrades. Media Videos Artists Press. World Standard Pitch and Time Correction. For Pro Tools legacy systems. Buy It: Its time manipulation functions include the ability to move a point in time within a selected range as well as move a range in time within a larger range. Perfect for fine-tuning the Auto-Tune Vocal Effect or even completely redefining melodies. Adjust Throat Length on an Individual Correction Object Basis To give you maximum control over the timbre of your vocal tracks, Throat Length Adjustment is now an independent property of each individual correction object Curve, Line or Note.

While the overall Throat Length is still set by the master Throat Length knob, each correction object can have its own independent adjustment either longer or shorter as desired.

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And since it is additive, acting on any already existing correction object, you are free to work on pitch correction and vibrato adjustment in any order desired. While its primary function is to help make precise selections for time shifting, since it is always visible in the center of the window, it provides a helpful indication of the presence of tracked audio, even if that audio is currently beyond the upper or lower boundaries of the window. Expanded Keyboard Shortcuts The Key Binding system has been expanded to allow you to program custom keyboard access to the new time manipulation tools and controls.

From the AT7 64 bit version requirements: Thanks again Cakewalk!

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I just brought up in another thread that Melda is offering VST3 now and it's probably only a matter of time before they stop working with VST2. Cake does need to get on this, not because I have a great affection for the VST3 protocol and it's offerings, but for the simple fact of compatibility. I went to the Antares web site and could not find that the 64 bit version requires VST3. You're joking right?

Read what you just posted, it says it right there in what you just pasted. I see, you're talking about a different version I think my quote actually came from the 'Mac' specs, however when you click on compatibility under the PC section it ends with the Auto-tune live quote: Obviously you can use the 32 bit version with jbridge under VST 2.

[Solved] Help: Antares Auto-Tune 7.6.8 AU (OSX Sierra)

From the page: Jim Roseberry. That quote lists both Haven't used AutoTune in years Melodyne is superior for intonation correction I can't stand that sliding vocal pitch affect that popular in contemporary music.

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That's more over-used than gated-reverb in the 80s. I have both, but prefer AT evo on lead vocals.

Download Antares Auto-Tune for Mac

I only use it in graphical mode and use a graphics tablet to set the note objects leaving the scoops and natural slides in tact AT has less phasing and better quality on vocals. I do like to use melodyne on Gtrs, Steel gtrs tuning life saver , and other polyphonic instruments or even multi voices recorded to a group track.

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Hey Jim, I just made a record with gated-reverb AutoTune voices and left to right delayed muted guitars plucks. Just kidding Blogman I have both, but prefer AT evo on lead vocals.

I only use it in graphical mode I have both as well and find that AT in graphical mode gets better results than Melodyne.