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Les touches de fonction vous manquent? Maintenez la touche "fonction" pour voir les touches de fonction disparues. It has a faster processor 2. Could Apple have simply added half an inch thickness and stuffed in more battery cells without turning it into a "thermal bomb"? Of course they'd never do that because Apple's thin-ness obsession.. Almost twice the heat, so need two fans during heavy duty tasks.

Too many lines to be a diagnostic port, look at the shielding as well, this is a high speed interface. I'm thinking Apple realized it need a means to access the soldered SSD if the rest of the system died. Its also possible it may allow one to add in a daughter board, additional SSD storage. That would be my thought as well Dan, they have to give themselves some way out when you fry your machine. Unless they want to go the way of Google's sadly defunct Ara project..

Dan, diagnostic ports often have high speed interfaces e. Yes, thats true it would be on the faster side, but not so fast as to need the extra shielding. Also look at its location and besides a diagnostic port would have fewer lines. That would leave the two 4 lane interfaces are for the Thunderbolt chips. The "diagnostic port" is definitely a "emergency exit" port to access the files from the SSD when the rest of the machine is dead.

Until someone gets access to the service manual or training we are just guessing here. Common sense and experience can lead us to the most probable function. Gaining access to a dead systems SSD is a likely function, the other would be for diagnostics. I'm discounting the diagnostic function as one only needs about 20 lines to setup HSSTP for a low end setup. Wheres the taptic engine?

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There's three settings for feedback level, so it's in there somewhere. Sauf si ce n'est pas possible. Is the maximum data rate or Mhz? Apple control so much of what they use that it gives them potential to go a long way outside the box. Given that they totally control the SSD controller, then there are things that they could do to greatly improve paging performance to fast SSD.

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And those things could well involve wanting the widest memory path that they can get. Or is there some other reason they would have included it? The devices are almost hermetically sealed, so there's probably no possibility of even an "Apple blessed" upgrade option Chipworks has their docs on it, but they cost many hundreds or thousands of dollars each do they perhaps have a student discount?

It's only for the secure element. If my memory is right, the iPad also has a similar controller but doesn't support NFC. Bienvenue dans la famille. Are you seeing any water protection around the Touch ID button and case? This is one part I see needing to be regularly cleaned just like on the iPhone to get rid of oils so it actually works. I would have expected a gasket or sealant caulk traces to be seen, none are. Dunno if Samsung continued to do so after MPC went out of business in , cutting off that channel for selling Samsung's high end laptops in the North American market.

I think it was a big mistake to loose the MagSafe concept for the power cord. I've tripped on my cord a few times thankfully the cord disconnected before the laptop took a spill. Could the USB-C hardware-connector spec be made with a magnetic clasp? Or does Microsoft have a patent on doing that for something with more than 5 pins?

It looks to me like these speakers are simply ported— a common technique used in home theater speakers to achieve bigger sound. Also, the way this is laid out the speakers are further away from the logic board too, which might allow Apple to crank the bass further up, knowing that potentially chip-breaking low-frequency sound waves have more distance to dissipate. All those perforations probably shave off quite a few grams of weight compared to a solid slab of aluminium. Since weight seems to be second only to thin-ness on Apple's list-of-priorities. I have this Mac. If you cover those "fake" holes, it sound totally different.

Try it in an Apple store and you'll see I dropped only a few drops of liquid on the upper grills beside the delete button and cleaned it right away, is it safe? Yeah, despite all the whining in the comments, all those speaker holes up there ARE cosmetic. The only ones that are actual, functional holes in the aluminum are way down next to the right arrow key. Rest easy! In the 13 step you said the speakers aren't under the speaker grills, but in this step I see that the tweeter is under the speaker grills. Is that true?

It is a two way sound system.

If you cover the top "holes" with your hands the high frequency cuts out. However, it's hard to tell if all the holes are drilled or just enough for the tweeter. In any case it sounds great and is LOUD. I suppose the function key model though will sound better. Nous sommes si proches de la Touch Bar que nous pouvons presque la toucher. Une bonne chose: Nous trouvons:. Venez voir les enfants! On n'a jamais fini d'apprendre.

Retirer la bande OLED est assez difficile, mais nos efforts ne sont pas vains! La Touch Bar est fragile.

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Le ventilateur? Le clavier? Qui sait! Oh, sorry, that was my inner Steve Bannon.. But it's actually touchable. If you touch the leftmost part of the touch bar, esc-key will be pressed and highlighted. The mic is probebly for Siri as in iphone use the upper mic for siri and not the "talking" buttom mic. Enfin, 5 cellules Pour conclure, nous pesons ces batteries: How could the touch bar edition feature a smaller battery but yet about the same batter hour of usage at 10 hours?

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Those cells look tiny. I hope next year's model has a capacity of at least 70 watt hours with two cells in each one. Do you really have to take 18! Seems a little exaggerated to me. Vous voulez contribuer? Maybe initially they envisaged only the 15" would have touchbar. Was probably a late decision to use small form SSD over 2. How do you do a power rest if the machine hangs? Before you held down the power button for a few seconds. Would that work with a touch ID button?

I would assume that you still do - the Touch ID sensor is still a physical button, so there's no reason it doesn't work like a normal button as before. However, to stop it shutting down the machine with a single click, I'd imagine macOS has some code in it saying "if the power button is pushed while the computer is on, it's probably for Touch ID things, so don't shut down". First generation computers tend to lend themselves to some issues. However, given the price bump and the Apple brand I was expecting more, much more. The concept seems nice, the hardware implementation not so much. Laptops are to be mobile, so sacrificing battery life for weight is not a design decision that appeals to me.

So can you move the touch ID sensor to another mac? Does it still work? Or are we going to have an Error 53 for Mac and a connect to iTunes screens. Lack of repair-ability is understandable and unavoidable in today's world of disposable gadgets. I would never buy another macbook. It's not unrepairable. It's just unrepairable by unequipped amateurs, which is where iFixit sell their bits and pieces. And those same things that make it more difficult to repair, also make it less likely to go wrong in the first place. I guess I see things a bit differently than Alex here.

The vision is to not create waste by repurpose or repair. The more Apple goes down this path of non-repairable it kills their own mission of being ecology minded. They want some expandability! Likewise, being forced to replace major assemblies to deal with a small part failure is also wasteful! Random question - what do you end up doing with the things you tear down after? Do they all go back together again and end up in full working condition? Oftentimes we will use them to create a full set of repair guides.

We create some in-house and also send devices through our edu program to teach technical writing. You can learn more about that here. After that, we make sure they find a good home, or dispose of them responsibly. Wait, no split fin fans in the touchbar 13" either? I thought their website showed the touchbar 13" as having them? Somebody should tell the Apple guys at the wheelhouse that an iLaptop is not an iPhone before it is too late and most of us have jumped the iShip before some new Jobs guy has emerged to save it after all the latest course these guys have set.

If you compare in Step 4 the two versions of the MacBook, you can see the version without the touch has the vent openings for the second fan too.

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The speaker grille doesn't even go clear through the case. The area is the interface to the ribbon connector that goes to the logic board. I do agree the placement is troubling. I'm surprised as well they didn't think this through. I would have brought the Touch display all the way to the left edge and used the underside for the connection point. There is no reason it couldn't be a bit asymmetrical. As long as the battery is glued in and the ssd and ram are not upgradeable, i'm not buying one.

I'm glad I bought a mid non-retina when I did. Sure I'd love to have a retina display with the benefits of the older case design!

Is Apple listening? Who cares if you cant upgrade the ssd? The next step will be solder the battery too? What else they can invent to suck the idiots money? I fell terrible windows pc are so much worst And sandisk? What are you saying here, you want the new MacBook to have the Touch Bar? Am I reading the data sheet for the ram correctly? Is this somehow run in tandem to yield MHz? I feel a bit ashamed that I didn't look int the menu bar, I thought this was basic and should work on whichever platform.

This one isn't listed. Regular shortcut is Cmd - Shift - R. Shortcut should work directly. Thank you! I've been trying to figure this one out for a while. It's somehow easier accessible without looking at the keyboard. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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