Clonar dvd original en mac

Power on the Mac while holding down the 'Option' key. This will display a boot menu that looks like the picture below.

Click the drive icon that says 'Recovery' OS The number of drives listed will depend on the number of bootable drives in your system. Once booted into the Recovery partition or installer disc, select your desired language. Next, open Disk Utility by navigating to the Utilities menu in the upper-left corner of the screen, then select Disk Utility from the drop down menu.

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Once in Disk Utility our detailed instructions for the formatting process can be followed: When using the restore process, the files on the destination volume will be erased! Before you restore a volume, be sure to copy any files on the destination volume that you want to save, to a different storage device or cloud account. Select the new volume indented icon and click on the 'Restore' tab. Drag the old volume to the Source field.


Drag the new hard drive to the 'Destination' field. Click the check box for 'Erasing destination.

To do this, restart the computer and hold the 'Option' key to load the boot menu. You should see your old drive and your new drive listed as bootable drives.

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If you do not see the new drive, you will need to re-run the cloning process. If you do see the new drive, click its icon. Your Mac will now boot to this drive and eventually load the user Desktop. This will verify that your hard drive has cloned successfully. DVD-Cloner for Mac video guide.

Copiar cualquier DVD a cualquier disco de DVD en blanco o MAC.

Features Perfect 1: Compatible with the latest Mac OS with the enhanced burn engine. Copies scratched or damaged DVD discs. Select one or more desired chapters from the original DVD movie to copy, omitting unwanted movie contents. Even if the IFO files can not be read, it enables you to copy the movie contents using "movie-only" or "movie customized" copy modes.

Works with most DVD player hardware and software. Select to add the. Select to save or delete the temporary files when the copy is finished. Erases the rewritable DVD disc automatically before burning.

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Set the DVD disc volume. Opens the log file with a short-cut key. Previews the main movie and extras with the built-in video player.